Medical Policy

Every camper must complete our online medical profile before they arrive at camp. They must also include a copy of their medical insurance card.

We have a registered nurse or doctor on staff each week to dispense medications and handle any medical situations that may arise. The Camp Director reserves the right to refuse any applicant whose condition is beyond our professional and medical accommodations. Please contact us prior to registering if your child has any special medical conditions or needs (ie. peanut allergy, diabetes, special diets, etc.).

We thoroughly check all campers and staff for lice upon arrival. If any nits are found we will discreetly ask the parent to take the child home until he/she can be treated and return nit-free.


All Medication (both prescription and over-the-counter) must be checked in with the Camp Nurse at the time of registration. Prescription medicines MUST be brought in the pharmacy-labeled container with the camper's name, dosage, and instructions. If the dosage has changed from what is listed on the label, a note from the physician will be required stating the new dosage. Parents must bring their own 7-Day pillbox to accommodate daily medication(s). Do not put medication(s) in the pillbox. The nurse will do this once she has reviewed the medication with the parent/guardian.

Food Allergies

Vesper Point understands that there are many different types of food allergies that children have to deal with. Due to the rise in nut allergies, our kitchen has become nut-free. We also try to offer a variety of choices at each meal. With breakfast, we offer cereal, fruit, and yogurt along with our main entrees. With lunch and dinner, we offer a salad bar. We do not provide gluten-free meals.

If your child has a food allergy and you are concerned that they will not have the food they desire, you may send with them pre-cooked supplemental food. Parents are responsible for sending food with their camper to accommodate their dietary needs if they feel that our camp will not meet their requirements. Our kitchen staff will label all food sent with a camper and store his/her food in the kitchen. Your child's counselors will be able to retrieve it when necessary. There is a microwave available in the dining hall if something needs to be heated. Our menu sometimes changes but can be provided upon request approximately one week prior to your child's camp session.