What’s included?

As always, the price of camp includes:

  • Lodging

  • 3 meals a day

  • A camp theme T-shirt

  • A cabin photo

  • Two items each day from the canteen

  • Plus, great staff and a week full of fun and excitement!

Opening & Closing Days

Monday Opening Day

Drop off your camper between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Please contact the camp office if you plan to arrive late.

Make sure your camper arrives with their bathing suit on under their clothes and a towel in hand. They will be taking their swim test before heading to their cabins to unpack.

Say your goodbyes before dropping off your camper. Once they leave your vehicle you will not see them again until Closing Day. After dropping off your camper, you will park your car and check your camper in at the Camp Office. The Camp Store will be open at this time.

Sunday Closing Day

Pick up your camper between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Drive in, locate your camper, meet counselors, pick up luggage and head home when you are ready. The Camp Store will be open at this time.

See our Summer Registration page for dates and rates.

Cabin Request Policy

It is our policy to do our best to honor MUTUAL requests from two campers wanting to room together if they are close to the same age and grade.

  • Campers must be close to the same grade in school.

  • Groups of 4 or more campers may be divided up.

  • All cabin placements are revealed on Opening Day.

  • No cabin changes can be made on Opening Day.