Parent Communication

We take our responsibility to care for your child seriously.


We will call you if your child is in the infirmary over night, is seriously homesick, or if we have other concerns for which we need your input and any emergency situations.

We do not allow personal phone calls or visits for the campers, either incoming or outgoing during a camp session.

Mid-week interruptions are not allowed except for an emergency. If an emergency at home arises, please call our Camp Office at (423) 332-1849.

You may not drop off mail or any other items at camp during a camp session.

You may, however, call our Camp Office at any time. Leave a message and someone in the office will return your call promptly.

All postal mail will be given to campers on the day it arrives.

Mail and Packages

During the summer, all mail should be mailed to:

Camp Vesper Point
3216 Lee Pike
Soddy Daisy, TN 37379


When sending packages to campers, please adhere to our guidelines of What Not to Bring. Packages are optional and not encouraged.

  • Camper notes/letters are given to campers on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS. This includes nothing larger than a normal size postal letter. Anything larger will be given to campers on Wednesday.

  • Packages brought on Opening Day or purchased at the Camp Store on Opening Day will be given to campers on WEDNESDAYS.

  • DO NOT INCLUDE FOOD, CANDY, OR GUM IN LETTERS OR PACKAGES. CVP reserves the right to confiscate such items. All confiscated food, candy, or gum will not be returned to campers.