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The dates of employment begin with Staff Training on June 5 and end after Clean Up on August 1. Unless excused by Tim Bond, all staff are required to attend Staff Training, June 5-10.

Certified boat drivers must attend our own Boat Driver Training (dates TBA). All lifeguards and boat drivers must be 18 years or older and bring with them to camp their official boat certification and lifeguard certification. Camp will reimburse for expense incurred for any of these certifications. Please check with us in advance if you plan on getting certified and reimbursed.

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Position and Term Dates

All staff must be at least 15 years of age and have completed 10th grade.

Check the position below that you are applying for:

Work Crew
Kitchen Crew
Cabin Counselor
Jr. Counselor (rising high school senior or rising college freshman)

Term dates (all summer except for work and kitchen crew)

Term 1 (6/10 - 6/30)
Term 2 (7/7 - 7/28)
All Summer (6/10 - 8/1)*

* NOTE: At this time, staff will not be working the week of July 1. Some staff may be offered a position for that week.

Please check any that apply to you:

I am a certified lifeguard
I am a certified boat driver
I will have my lifeguard and/or boat driver certification before the summer

Please be aware that CVP is an "unplugged" environment. During camp sessions, summer staff have very limited use of electronic media and communication devices such as cell phones.

Work History
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What experience have you had that you consider to be valuable background for serving on a camp staff?

Explain your ministry experience with children:

Have you had experience leading groups in the past few years? Explain:

Counsellorships are only available to those who have a conscientious respect for organization and the need for compliance with rules and regulations that place the welfare of campers ahead of personal interests. How do you feel about this?

Can you still be energetic and show enthusiasm even though your responsibility may become rather routine?

Is a limited time off schedule satisfactory with you?

How would you describe your ability to get along with others?

My goals for my campers would be:

How did you hear about CVP?

Do your parents support the possibility of you working at CVP?
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What are your two strongest qualities?

What are your two weakest qualities?

Describe your growth in Christ this past year:

More Questions

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How does a person become a Christian?

What is the biggest struggle (spiritual, social, academic, etc.) you have dealt with this year and what has the process taught you?

Who are your heroes?

How do you resolve conflict?

What do you hope to gain personally from a summer at CVP?

Describe your work ethic.

Tell of a time when you shared Jesus Christ with another person.

Please write your personal testimony explaining when you became a Christian and important moments in your Christian life.

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Activity Proficiency

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Water Ski
Swim Instruction

Personal Views

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  Do you participate? Yes   No

  Do you support? Yes   No

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Background Check

We do a criminal background check on all employees.

Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted of criminal charges?
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If yes, please explain:

Social Security Number:

Driver's License Number:

List any accidents or traffic violations you have had in the past three years:

I agree with the Mission of CVP as provided on the Summer Staff Policies for Camp Vesper Point.
I have read and agree with the policy sheet as provided on the website.
I have completed the application accurately and truthfully.
I hereby authorize a background check to be made prior to my employment at CVP. I realize the results of the background check are confidential but required for employment. (required)
I understand the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs are prohibited during my time of employment at CVP. I am willing to submit to drug testing.
I have included my personal testimony with this application (earlier on form).
I will distribute three reference forms to individuals other than family members for them to complete and have them mail them directly to CVP at 554 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37402.
I understand that CVP is an "unplugged" environment. If I am employed, I will have very limited use of electronic media and communication devices during camp sessions.
(must match full name at top of application)
Date 2018-01-16

Thank you for applying! We look forward to getting to know you better. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us if you have any questions.
Ammi (423) 648-7936

Camp Director:
Tim Bond (423) 364-1385